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Annoyance 1. (v.):  To feel the wrath of Fefe.
Vengeance (n.):  To properly update and maintain a LiveJournal account.
Courting (v.):  To creatively beg for sex and a game of fetch.
Aggression (n.):  To bring muscle men closer together.
Guilt (adj.):  To subtly admit infidelities. 
Hesitation (n.):  To be ready when farm animals strike back.
Sloth (n.):  To let others do the work.
Festive (adj.):  To spread joy and well-being for extra cash.
Annoyance 2. (v.):  To continue to feel Fefe's wrath. 
Reluctance (n.):  To recognize the dangers of camping.
Transparency (n.):  To accidentally reveal truths by becoming invisible.
Debauchery (n.):  To gross out kittens.
Eccentricity (n.):  To be creepy in a diving suit.
Fortuitous (adj.):  To be lucky in finding explosive foot apparel.
Unnoticed (adj.):  To have no one give a damn, even when paid.
Nervousness (n.):  To be in one hell of a predicament.
Vengeance 2. (n.):  To invoke artillery usage in fish.
Intimidation (n.):  To not monitor hormone additives in bird feed.
Bewilderment (n.):  To be high while watching a kitty drug deal.
Desire (n.):  To be turned on by fighting stances.
Kissing (v.):  To smooch with eyes closed.
Hunger (n.):  To find uses for offspring.
Philosophize (v.):  To cop a cheap feel.
Communication (n.):  To practice the fine art of selective hearing.
Fashionability (v.):  To look good in a ship.
Intensity (v.):  To take children's games seriously.
Nervousness 2. (n.):  To face the jaws of death.
Apathy (n.):  To let drowning men be.
Honesty (n.):  To be open, truthful and disemboweled.
Spying (v.):  To not get caught, unless you like a dry sherry.
Bewilderment 2. (n.):  To ignore the warning of 'possible side effects'.
Informative (v.):  To be aware of all the important facts about fire.
Transmutation (n.):  To know the truth of vanilla pudding.

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